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Sep 10, 2010 12:00pm CDT
. embrj energy shut down its line which can carry more than a third of crude oil imports from canada to the mid west. the concern is supply to the mid west and that's sending oil prices rising the most in six weeks' drivers here in the region could see higher gas prices in the fall. meanwhile, president barack obama making it official and naming university of chicago business school professor and campaign adviser austin gowldsby to lead his council of economic advisers. as a member of the economic team, goldsby will work on ways to add more jobs to an economy with unemployment rate of 9.6% burger king about to get eaten by 3g capital. a lot of people on wall street are asking what do they plan on doing? bloomberg business week has learned that 3g partners are betting they will be able to trim costs about 10% and expansion to make the deal work. >>> and lastly, question for you. is facebook more popular than google? soarnted press reports that in the u.s. people are spending more time socializing on facebook than searching with google. that according to come score. and inching ahead,
Sep 13, 2010 12:00pm CDT
. they involve a big cool air mass that's taking shape in canada. it will drape over the northern tier of states and set up a big jet stream and little impulses like the one here just starting to reflect itself with some showers and thunderstorm develop out in the plains. some of which may grow severe today and will come our way. look how absent preparation is -- precipitation is from a good chunk of the united states at this point. that's the change. we will have more moisture in the week ahead. we are getting an inch and a quarter total. forecast on average in the models in the next search days. .8 of an inch of rain this time of year. modestly above normal. 78 at sugar grove at this hour. glenview at 77. freeport at 80 and glen ellyn at 79. and these are all temperatures with comfortable humidities. light northwesterly wind. that's another change that's going to happen. and winds will be predominantly easterly. very lightly tomorrow. but strengthen a bit in the days ahead. winds will come off the lake and that starts cooling things down a little bit this time of year. winds are eight from the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2